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Our Product, BIO-ENERGIZED WATER Regulates Blood Pressure, Reliefs Arthritis, Reliefs Fatigue/Stress, Reliefs Menstrual Pains, Aids Digestion, Enhances Performance and Executive Function, Increases and Harmonizes Body Energy Level, Regulates Body Sugar Level, BIO ENERGIZED WATEREnhances Good EyeSight and neutralizes all Drug Side Effects.

Our Proprietary technology through bio infusion techniques alters clusters, pathogens and pH range in water to increase the bio-organic ions and restructure its physical and chemical properties to form a new premium drink with unique features and extraordinary benefits.

Bio Energized water is certified by The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and regulated as a food item with health benefits.

The contents are technically and scientifically enclosed in a transparent recyclable and reusable 500ml plastic bottle and packaged in 12 x 500ml cartons with an innovative approach to preserve its physical and chemical properties of medical importance.

We have proposed ready to launch content extensions of 750ml, 1.5l and 20l all in recyclable and reusable transparent plastic containers