Quantum Energized Bio-Technology is a subsidiary of Laughkord Consult and Resources Limited with a mission to create a science-backed water derivative for a broad range of therapy, application, and solutions within the domestic and industrial sub-branch of the Economy in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Our Technology activates the properties of water for exceptional benefits.

We are continuously investing in research and development for quality healthcare delivery, development of natural therapeutic and pharmaceutical products which are invincible brands capturing and dominating the medicine and food industry.

We provide complete water-based therapy suitable for all ages capable of reversing prevailing human health conditions without complications or adverse effects.

We are about to launch a mobile app to give over 300,000 less privileged Senior Citizens before the year 2021 access to physicians for free medical diagnoses, consultancies and accurate prescriptions.


To provide the teaming population with the finest quality water with health benefits.

We diligently maintain and retain the physical and chemical properties of medical importance in water for exceptional domestic and industrial benefits with interesting socio-economic impacts.


To exterminate some of the prevailing human health challenges and reduces mortality by 5% after 5 years of intensive free mobile medical diagnoses and health awareness campaigns across the communities and we serve to maintain a healthy and educated population for sustainable development.

We are leveraging on the 21st Century breakthroughs in science, health, and technology to redefine and reshape the quality of water for domestic and Industrial use in Africa.


Our Objective is to restore lost natural values and resonance to all food items with the aid of this new innovation in science, health, and technology. Our objectives will revolve around the following guiding principles:


To provide quality water with exceptional benefits to various customers through high-quality control standards and technological innovations managed by professional production and experienced sales team.


To position ourselves as a quality product manufacturer that strives to provide services with a maximum social impact that will uplift the socio-economic status of the communities that we serve.


To contribute positively to the wealth of communities and environment by improving the productivity of the Senior Citizens through enhanced health status.


 To instill a culture of continuous improvement in beating existing standards of customer satisfaction and efficiency.

To create awareness and raise the social consciousness of the society on the medical importance of the physical and chemical properties of water in relative to healthy living.


To exterminate some of the prevailing human health challenges with mortality reduced by 5% in our serving communities after 5 years of social awareness campaigns and free mobile medical diagnostics services.


To create a stable business the platform that will create prosperity for all those involved in the business venture at all levels, and create new jobs and empowerment opportunity for those who are prepared to run with our business model.