Health Benefits As of Old

Our Objective is to restore these lost natural values and resonance to all food items with the aid of this new innovation in science, health, and technology. I know these sounds a bit like science fiction but the proof is in the pudding as they say, and it is very easy to tell the difference between tap water and water that has been refined through this technology.

This holds true for foods too. In fact, you will be amazed at what this new product can do, for you, family, friends, and animals. 

For Centuries, man has known the healing properties found in many natural water springs like Lourdes in France. Science discovered that as the water emerges from the ground, it passes through the basaltic rock in these areas that generates energy fields, which are at our bio-frequency level. It has been found that these energy fields resonate from the minerals found in these basaltic rocks. Hence, the water has the right bio-frequency to increase and harmonize our body energy level.

Bio Energized Water cannot be abused, no complications, no adverse effects, it does not intoxicate. The more you drink the better.

What Medical Experts are saying about Bio Energized Water?


Got Oxygen?

Got High pH that holds?

Bio Energized Water does many things for better health and well-being of all living things; humans, animals and plant life. Bio Energized Water is simple to use: One ounce to a gallon and you have it all. The pH of most drinking water (bottled and taps) and recovery drinks are at acidic levels or neutral at best. When Bio Energized Water is added to water, it acts as a catalyst to raise the pH from acidic to high alkaline in a range of 9.2pH to 10.2pH bringing it to a healthy level of alkalinity that will not dissipate. Bio Energized Water is an optimum pH balance trade secret formula that balances your pH naturally.

Bio Energized Water oxygenates the water and will hold the oxygenation for several months after it has been diluted one oz to a gallon of water. Bio Energized Water also changes the molecular structure of water by reducing the surface tension of normal water being 73-74 dynes to 61 dynes. 

Addition of Bio Energized Water into normal water makes it wetter, thus has the ability to more effectively hydrate the body.

Bio Energized Water acts as a carrier of nutrients into the cells and breaks nutrients down into very tiny particles, electrically charges those particles for greater assimilation passing through to the body’s cells.  

Bio energized Water also contains naturally occurring electrolytes for greater energy and a wonderful feeling of well-being.

Adverse Effect:

Drinking Water that contains chlorine (Cl) is the highest cause of cancer in patients with breast cancer, the cancer tissue was found in 60% chlorine content in prostate cancer, there is a 93% chlorine content in cancer tissue Mixing between oil meals/cooking+water containing chlorine will cause atherosclerosis( blockage of blood vessels).

Consumption of water laced with contaminants will cause the properties of our blood to change and negatively affects virtually every aspect of our health. This is the reason Laughkord Consult and Resources Limited is using process innovation to enhance the quality of our drinking water and also restore its lost medicinal values. No complications, no adverse effects and its safe for use by everyone.

Geological Content (coming soon)

Miraculous Healings of Bio Energized Water:

The healing attributes of Bio Energized water has been testified by farmers on animals and plants. Pink eye in sheep, mastitis in cows’ udders, terrible barbed wire tears, all healed in 1/3 the normal time. News of the healings with Bio Energized water spreads on a daily basis which has been attracting people from far and near to start placi

Bio Energized Water A Nutritional Booster:

Bio Energized Water works in a very simple way. It has an immense ability to penetrate because it is energized and Nano Clustered. It picks up nutrients which are not presently being assimilated, breaks it down into minute colloidal particles, and the body can now assimilate them. These nutrients then pass through the tissues to the heart of the cells (where nutrients belong), and the body now heals itself far greater than it has been in the past.

When one takes vitamins and mineral supplements with their daily meals, much more of the nutrients will now be assimilated and the body will do the rest. A very wise statement was made by the medical profession, “a doctor has never healed a single person, and he only puts the body in the condition so that the bodies can heal itself. 

The assimilation of nutrients which the body extracts from the food consumed daily is from 8% to 10%which is very poor. It is amazing how the body can still function at such a low percentage.

When consuming the Bio Energized Water on a daily basis, it has been established by the studies by a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry who has done years of study about Bio Energized Water as a catalyst that increases assimilation to about 75%. Now you will look better, feel better, the body will respond to maladies much better because the body is responding like it was created to respond. However, if one does not eat properly, taken Bio Energized Water will replenish the body of the required nutrients to supply the required fuel to function properly.                       

The foods we purchase at the grocery stores do not have the nutrients in them that we think. Picking fruits and green vegetables in storage for long periods of time loses nutrients. A study some years ago at the University of California at Davis found that the plant does not set the vitamins and enzymes until the vegetable or fruit sets the COLOR while still on the branch or vine. Do they not pick most everything green? Where are the nutrients the body needs … in the polluted water we drink, or the toxic air we breathe, or the vegetables picked green? It is no wondered disease is on the rampage and the immune system cannot fight as it should. The body is nutritionally starved!                                             

To provide the tools the body needs for better assimilation of your nutrients drink at least 8 glasses of water, eat three meals nutritionally sound per day and DRINK BIO ENERGIZED WATER … the greatest aid to nutrients ever.

ng an order to have new customers’ experience of water redefined. 


Another “unusual” property of Bio Energized Water is its ability to boost an organism’s assimilation of nutrients. Controlled tests being conducted on horses, dairy and feed cattle and poultry have found that Bio Energized Water treated animals and birds gained more weight on less feed. Also, the grower used one-third of the normal dosage of antibiotics. The feed conversion is easily recognized as being an “assimilation of nutrients” factor. 

When a living thing is in “trouble” it is because:

1) Something is present that should not be there or

 2) Something is not there that should be present, or the body of the living, whether it be man, animal or plant life is under some type of stress.

It is important to point out that we are talking about increased assimilation of nutrients, of all living things, meaning vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. In relationship to humans, many people find they eat less when drinking Bio Energized Water. The Bio Energized Water therapy actually helps, rather than hinders dieters. The term normalizer seems to apply here.

Those who are overweight often report a decrease in their appetites, when “on the water,” and those who are underweight many times report an increase in appetite and weight gain? This assimilation of nutrients is a key point in explaining why the water seems to “do so many different things for so many different people.” The fact may well be that the water is simply doing one thing in many of those cases: boosting nutrient assimilation enough to overcome the deficiency and thereby alleviating the problem.

This increased assimilation of nutrients may also benefit an organism by helping it to maintain wellness. Also, it is very helpful in “assisting in the removal of wastes” from the body. 

In summary, it enables more nutrients to be assimilated by the body and wastes to be removed from the body, than regular water does. For ease of memory, one might think of “the water” as a “nutrient extender” and a “waste remover.”