Water, two-part hydrogen and one-part oxygen is the most essential element next to air for our survival. The human body is a machine running primarily on water and minerals and by weight, our body is about 72% water. Naturally, the qualities of water we consume affect our overall state of health because healing and life-giving processes happen in our body through water. Our blood, the substance of our existence is more than 83% water, flowing through our body to distribute nutrients and oxygen on demand.

The purity of the water we drink greatly affects our strength and energy level. Any toxic chemicals, chlorine included that get into our body will use the body’s strength and energy to repair in order to reduce the damage done by that contaminant.

Toxemia is one of the primary causes of illness. This product enhances and improves the biocompatibility of water molecules improving the transport of nutrients into our body cells and effectively removing toxins.

Our products of extremely high quality processed by professionals are positioned very carefully and driven by an experienced sales team to ensure customers satisfaction.

Through collaborations with health givers, we’ve reduced associated water infections in the communities we serve through recommendation and sales of Bio Energized Water during free medical diagnoses to the Senior Citizens and health awareness campaigns. In the last four years we have reached 15 out of the 36 states in Nigeria, distributing over 1,000,000 bottles to impact 120,000 direct and over 500,000 indirect beneficiaries and created new jobs with interesting socio-economic impacts.

We’ve improved the productivity of the Senior Citizens and contributed to the wealth of the communities through a stable business platform empowering youths and women through our mentor led entrepreneurship program.


We are raising the social consciousness of the society on the medical importance of the physical and chemical properties of water to healthy living through health awareness campaigns.


Bio Energized Water is an anti-oxidant per excellence free of contaminants with life-enhancing frequencies that hydrates exhausted cells to recover from damages done by water laden with foreign substances full of effects of electromagnetic radiation of various kinds which depletes our energy, reduces the antibodies, weakens the immune system and decrease resistance to diseases. Vibration Medicine has concluded that drinking Energized Water is the most effective way to boost your energy. A Little drop with a big difference is a good choice.


Bio Energized Water helps the body against paralysis, stroke, acute menstrual pain, and arthritis. It energizes the body, regulates blood sugar level and reduces the possibility of high blood pressure.


Bio Energized Water envelopes our environment and body with a protective layer of positive energy to avoid damages from electromagnetic radiation (E-smog). This therapy has been testified by users to create relief on the following ailments but not limited to Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis, Insomnia, Asthma, Fatigue/Stress, Indigestion, Libido, Joint Pain, Chest Pain, Painful Menstruation, Paralysis/Stroke, Kidney Stone, Migraines and Cancer. Bio Energized Water Therapy can help you, friends and families to overcome several health challenges. This is not a claim as it’s yet to be verified by the appropriate bodies.


In summary, Bio Energized Water is water with its molecular structure rearranged, with the presence of electrolytes, nutrients, and ingredients which has unusual abilities. 

Bio Energized Water is a stress reducer, or normalizer, a nutrient assimilator, and waste products remover, water balancer, and a skin conditioner. 

Bio Energized Water has been analyzed, tested and classified as: non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and caused no mutagenic activity.

Why Bio Energized Water is the best

What would you think is most important to mankind and to any other single thing on Planet Earth? What is the most important thing to beauty and health? You are right if you thought it was WATER. It enhances everything about us. Water adds moisture back into our skin and brings the natural oils to the surface. What hydrates and oxygenates and changes the pH of the body? GOD’s Precious Water of course.

There has been much controversy about what is the best water. Some say well water or spring water is the best. It comes from down deep in the ground with all of its minerals … but that is a myth. Have you noticed how many of those people are crippled with arthritis and have died before their time? It was the hard rock minerals which were the cause of their aching joints and arthritic conditions.

I am great for visuals, so let’s do one. Imagine the look of the inside of that old pipe taken from an old farmhouse or pipe that has been used for a long time? Awful huh…..all corroded up with layer upon layer of minerals. The inside of your arteries look the same and this affects our well-being!

The hard rock minerals after drinking that dead water for years builds up and builds up walls in your arteries as those hard rock inorganic minerals do to those old pipes in that farmhouse.

Our body was made to ingest organic minerals from plant life. Now the plant life takes those hard rock minerals and converts them to organic.

Our plants thrive on hard rock minerals and convert them to organic minerals for humans to assimilate. Plants convert the hard rock minerals into living colloids and poly-electrolytes. Remember those two words.

Besides all of this, water everywhere is polluted to one degree or another. Either by polluted rivers and the pollution that goes up into the air and gets into the creeks and streams to find its way into the rivers and then into the ocean. It never ends! This is a continuous cycle.

It is critical for the body to have the BEST water we can give it. When you give the body the right kind of water, it allows the blood to flow to the cells and thus we function more like in the manner nature designed us to. Toxins are the cause of death before time. The right kind of water is critical to stop the degeneration of the body. Think and drink Bio Energized Water. Always remember; little drop with a big difference is a good choice.

When our body is loaded with toxins, it cannot replace the cells in like kind. Each cell will reproduce in a lesser kind … thus, the aging process escalates. If our bodies are free of toxins and the proper nutrients are provided, then the life expectancy would be much greater than it is today. What is the best water we can take for optimum performance? It would be water which had a high concentrate of colloids and which is electrically charged and water which had a lower surface tension than that of normal tap water – in other words, Bio Energized Water is a good choice. Share it with your families and friends to staying healthy.

When Bio Energized Water is added to water, the following happens

 (1) It raises the pH to, as high as 9.5 depending on what kind of water.

 (2) The creation of high dissolved oxygen occurs and will hold for several months

(3) It changes the molecular structure of that water

 (4) Reduction in the surface tension occurs to 61 dynes. Normal water is 73-74 dynes.

(5) Bio Energized Water has the ability to make the water “wetter” thus greater hydration to the body

(6) Has the ability to more effectively act as a carrier of nutrients into cells.

(7) Also, in the formulation, naturally occurring electrolytes now exist in Bio Energized Water for more energy.