Bio Energized water is a complete water-based therapy; an anti-oxidant per excellence free of contaminants with health benefits capable of reversing various kinds of human diseases without complications or adverse effects. It’s suitable for all ages but especially for the Senior Citizens earlier diagnosed with multiple health complications.


Bio Energized water is certified by The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and regulated as a food item with health benefits.


Manganese Oxide, Zinc Gluconate, Selenium Proteinate, Chromium Proteinate, Betain Hydrochloride, L-cysteine Hydrochloride, Glandular.


Product Benefits/Features:

Bio Energized Water is an ANTI-OXIDANT with HEALTH BENEFITS; formulated to balance the body pH, detoxify excess sugar, bladder, and kidney challenges in adults.

The therapy cleanses the internal membrane of blood vessels and replaces the vital minerals already damaged by free radicals in the body.

Energy efficiency and anti-radiation propensities; it builds a protective layer of positive energy to arm its nucleus environment and users from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations.

Free medical diagnoses to Senior Citizens and health awareness campaigns across the communities we serve.

Health Benefits:

Regulates Blood Pressure, Reliefs Arthritis, Reliefs Fatigue/Stress, Reliefs Menstrual Pains, Aids Digestion, Increases Libido and Executive Function, Increases and Harmonizes Body Energy Level, Regulates Body Sugar Level, Enhances Good EyeSight and neutralizes all Drug Side Effects.


Through process innovation, we alter clusters, pathogens and pH range in water to increase its bio-organic ions and restructure its physical and chemical properties to produce a new premium drink with unique features and extraordinary benefits; an anti-oxidant per excellence with health benefits capable of reversing prevailing human health conditions without complications or adverse effects. Its anti-radiation propensities and other exceptional features make it an input ready for the generation of oxyhydrogen gas making it possible to unlock its potential for energy efficiency for the next production revolution in Africa.

The contents are technically and scientifically enclosed in a transparent recyclable and reusable 500ml plastic bottle packaged in a carton with an innovative approach to preserve its physical and chemical properties of medical importance. We have proposed ready to launch content extensions of 750ml, 1.5l, and 20l all in a recyclable and reusable transparent plastic containers.


Modern Physics has discovered that every substance has a certain frequency at which it vibrates.

Natural substances that have been processed or packaged lose their natural frequency and much of their potential benefit to us as food. This includes water, which when pumped, treated and piped to your home, has totally lost its natural properties. I am sure you have noticed this.

Presence of Bio Energized Water envelopes your apartment with positive energy that protects you from effects of electromagnetic radiation and enhances your vitality.

Bio Energized Water is free of contaminants with life-enhancing frequencies that hydrate exhausted cells to recover from damages done by water laden with foreign substances and will restore lost body natural values and resonance to all food items at the right bio-frequencies to increase and harmonize our body energy level.


One of the most common uses of the water is “on skin problems”… burns, rashes, etc. We do not list this area as a ‘property” as such, because it seems simply to center on the type of use rather than why it works that way. Extraordinary results have been reported by those who have used the water on burns.


To explain how the water does this, we first need to understand swelling. Swelling occurs when physical damage is done to the system, permitting the flow of liquid (of which there are 40 liters in the typical adult body) into the damaged area and restricting the normal flow away from that area. This leads directly into the next property: